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“Since this does not align with the new [Department of Defense] policy, U.S. Army Recruiting Command has put Army Reserve enlistments on hold for the time being,” Bland said in an email. “We are in the of re-establishing a Reserve Delayed Entry Pool, so we can once again enlist I551 [green card] holders in the Army Reserve while also complying with the policy.”However, the email from Williamson states green card holders looking to join the Army Reserve cannot even get to the back

“We don&apost want a situation where 20, years from now, it&aposs just like a given thing that on a fairly regular basis that there&aposs domestic terror strikes, that stores are shut up or that airports have explosive devices planted or people are mowed down in the street by cars and automobiles and things of that nature,” the senior administration official said. “These are the realities that we&aposre living in today.”After another jargon-filled explanation of how everything is working the way it should, the seni

Protestors rally during a demonstration against the new immigration ban issued by President Donald Trump at John F. Kennedy International Airport on January 28, 2017 New York City. President Trump signed the controversial executive order that halted refugees and residents from predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. Now, Mr Priebus is promising that the ban will not affect green card holders going forward, unless the travelers were considered suspicious.

Federal officials disclosed Friday that nearly 60,000 visas were revoked as a result of the ban, which Massachusetts officials said thrust hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses and colleges into turmoil. Professors, scientists, and doctors who had left the United States were shocked discover that they could not return home.

“It’s truly a great country where the courts fulfilled their ultimate purpose as envisioned by the founding fathers to prevent one branch of the government from acting unconstitutionally or unethically,” said attorney Susan Church, who leads the New England chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Carol Rose, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, said the announcements are good news for families involved.

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