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After three years since its release, GTA V is still one



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“The peyote existed for a year before we found it, it was included with the launch of the PS4, Xbox One versions of the game,” said.

But now, Rockstar seems to have lost its interest in innovating in the singleplayer space. was downright conventional, a Rockstar open-world game made in the calcified blueprint of every one prior. And that was before the multiplayer made half a billion dollars. I wouldn’t expect to be any different. If you’re an adherent to the Rockstar of the 2000s, that might be painful to hear—but if you’re one of the eight million people who have fallen in love with the emergent criminal antics of , it might

That year, , or $26 per share, to buy Take-Two, primarily on the strength of the franchise. But Take-Two rejected the offer. The company hasn’t produced a major sequel since then, and it has suffered annual net losses in four of the five intervening years. Icahn, who amassed an 11% holding in the company in late 2009 when the share price dipped below $8, began agitating for and on the board of directors by early 2010.“These are spectacular numbers, more so than anybody expected,” said Benjamin Scha

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