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Breathing in asbestos fibres damages your lungs,



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Not everyone exposed to asbestos gets an asbestos disease. However, exposed to asbestos has a higher risk of getting an asbestos disease. All of the asbestos diseases are difficult to treat. Most are impossible to cure. Stopping asbestos fibers from ever entering your lungs is important. The only cure for most asbestos diseases is to prevent them. Contact us at 651-201-4620 or by email at

Serpentine asbestos refers to asbestos made up of long, curly fibers. This category only one mineral, called chrysotile, also known as white asbestos. It was the most commercially used form of asbestos. Its flexible nature easily allowed it to be used in products and combined with other elements. Prior to widespread knowledge of pleural mesothelioma and its connection to asbestos, the mineral was hailed for its fireproof and heat-resistant qualities. It was used throughout the U.S. and all over the world, f

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