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First, let's dismiss the notion that a



The good news is that if you’re in (or near) certain regions then there is a steady stream of immersive theatre around. The scale of the productions vary, from strictly one-on-one experiences all the way up to multi-story (in all senses of the word “story”) affairs.That said, it can help to take along a map.

“[They were] running as fast as they could, looking me straight in the eye,” said Jones about what happened right before he shot Brough. “I knew if I waited even another second, I’d get seriously hurt or die.”During the closing arguments, Barker drove home why the state was seeking a first-degree murder charge.

“I'd be surprised if he did that,” Ryan told Guy Benson, the fill-in host for conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. “I think he should let Bob Mueller do his do his job independently, and do his job quickly, because I think that that's what he would want to have happen.”

How great would this be on the Apple TV? With in-app search, you could use a single search box to find out that “Hannibal” is available in iTunes, Hulu Plus, and on Amazon Prime Instant Video. OK, that last one is a stretch, but a guy can dream, right? -- If Apple hasn’t killed the Apple TV, but has instead spent years developing something new and possibly revolutionary, then where the devil is it?

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