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Some car parts also contain asbestos. In



Asbestos was used in both its long fiber form (photo above, Rosato (cited at , courtesy J. Mansville), woven into cloths, for example, and in a [image] as a [image].Asbestos used clothes dryer felt - felt often used to seal drum to cage, is cited in this patent:

Loose-bound asbestos can also be found in old heaters, stoves and heating systems. Hot water pipes were often covered with loose asbestos. It was also used to back tiles and linoleum floor coverings. Loose-bound asbestos is the most dangerous all because it is 100% asbestos and can turn to toxic dust with just a touch.

First, let's dismiss the notion that a typical brake pad is completely organic, completely metallic, or completely ceramic - there are too many materials available, and mixing and matching organics with metallics (or vice versa) is common. In brake pads should be called "mostly organic," "mostly metallic," or "mostly ceramic."We'll Look Up The Parts You Need For FREE!

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