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I know when I was in management I didn't spend as



YNAB has beyond it's budgeting program. There are podcasts, YouTube tutorials, free workshops, written guides, and a weekly newsletter that will give you tips and tricks managing your money.

At the end of each day, I went back and adjusted my calendar to reflect how I was actually spending my time. Here’s what it looked like on my calendar at the end of week:

I also try to get a clear #1 priority each day. Some days a bunch of stuff comes up and that one thing is all I get done the entire day. In my mind, that's still a win.A block of time on my calendar that said “Train at the Gym” would more accurately be labeled “train at the gym and spend all your time in between sets worrying about the 20% dip in conversion rate you just discovered.”

But I didn’t want to just prepare for the interview, I wanted to prepare for a career at Google, solving problems. That means knowing algorithms that will save computing resources of time, space, and I/O.

These new dynamics, however, are also creating new tensions, as women feel heightened financial stress, men come to grips (or not) with shared decision-making, and both spouses struggle to figure out a fair division of labor (financial and otherwise) at home. Meanwhile, no matter how much the husband or wife earns, the survey found that money remains the top source of friction for couples overall, with spending a particularly contentious issue. And while spouses overwhelmingly think they’re in sync about

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