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Mammalian cell expression systems are being increasingly used to express proteins for biology. This is evident from the increase in the number of structures available in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) () of proteins purified from such sources. The main reason for switching to these higher eukaryotic expression systems is the ability to produce biologically active cell surface receptors and secreted glycoproteins. The functionality of these proteins is linked to the requirement for posttranslational modificatio

Almost all the reactions that a chemist is concerned with take place in solution rather than in gaseous or solid phases. Most of these reactions occur in solution, where water is the solvent. There are good reasons for this preference for liquid media. Molecules must come into contact to react, and the rates of migration of atoms or molecules within crystals usually are too slow to be useful. In contrast, molecules of gases are mobile, but gas volumes are inconveniently large, and many substances cannot be

However, Dworkin thinks, considerations of offence may provide some justification for preventing or restricting the public display of pornography so as to avoid its causing offense to adults who might otherwise involuntarily or unwittingly be exposed to it. Joel Feinberg, another well-known liberal defender of pornography, agrees. But Feinberg thinks that such restrictions must be justified by a separate principle to the harm principle, for he thinks that certain of unpleasant psychological states are not

Immediately following the last english subheading is the french heading, mises en garde, and then the French subheadings and mock text.  The french subheadings are, pour usage dans les yeux seulement, ne pas utiliser, lorsque vous utilisez ce produit, cessez d’utiliser ce produit et consultez un médecin si, and garder hors de la portée des enfants.List in this section the indication(s) for use of the product.

What is it exactly that people are being asked to do? Yes, you want them to support you, but precisely how? Sure, you need their help -- but in what particular way? Make your action request unambiguous and specific.

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