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Making at least some income unconditional, of sufficient



BIG is substantially different from the current income maintenance system: It would replace a complex categorical system with one simple system. The current income system is made up of many different programs desired to meet different categories of need, including Unemployment Insurance for the unemployed, TANF for needy families, SSI for the disabled, and so on. BIG could replace all programs designed to maintain people's income in times of need. The theory of the current system is that work is the solutio

For example, if every American were to receive a flat cash grant that was large enough so as to enable the poor to support themselves in the absence of welfare programs, the cost would likely be prohibitive.  Cato Institute 1000 Massachusetts Ave, NW Washington, DC 20001-5403

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Widerquist, K. “A failure to communicate: What (if anything) can we learn from the negative tax experiments?” 34:1 (2005): 49–81.

According to writers in the so-called “classical liberal” tradition such as Friedrich Hayek, freedom consists in the absence of intentional coercion (see Hayek 1960). If the government requires one citizen, Betty, to pay taxes that will in turn be used to assist a fortunate citizen, Alf, as part of the process of enacting a social minimum, then the government intentionally coerces Betty and, therefore, reduces her freedom. This is regrettable and, if we regard freedom as the most important polit

What it is planning promises to be an interesting policy experiment involving a sample of the population, which may or may not include some form of basic income paid to all participants: which in turn may not be unconditional, and may be worth a lot less than €800. Still the general excitement was testimony to widespread interest in the basic income idea.It’s a lovely idea – but sadly UBI probably works best as a thought experiment to test concepts of social security rather than as a realistic welfare

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