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Making at least some income unconditional, of sufficient amount



The current UK government’s punitive sanctions regime makes the idea of unconditional benefits attractive. However, conditionality does not need to take such a severe form, and the risk that unconditional payments would encourage some people to drift into long-term worklessness can’t be discounted. The question is whether having the right financial incentives, as promised by UBI, is enough to prevent this happening.It’s a lovely idea – but sadly UBI probably works best as a thought experiment to tes

Thus, taxation for welfare spending cannot be said simply to reduce “liberty”, understood as the absence of intentional coercion, in the name of some other value, such as welfare. Rather, it will tend to produce . It will expose some to intentional coercion that they would otherwise not be exposed to; but, if it genuinely reduces poverty, it should also reduce the extent to which some people are exposed to intentional coercion. For this reason, it simply will not do to object that the enactment

BIG is substantially different from the current income maintenance system: It would replace a complex categorical system with one simple system. The current income system is made up of many different programs desired to meet different categories of need, including Unemployment Insurance for the unemployed, TANF for needy families, SSI for the disabled, and so on. BIG could replace all programs designed to maintain people's income in times of need. The theory of the current system is that work is the solutio

The IZA World of Labor project is committed to the . The author declares to have observed these principles.

seek to synthesize propertarian libertarianism and a geoist (or ) philosophy of as unowned commons or equally owned by all people, citing the distinction between unimproved land and private property. The rental value of land is produced by the labors of the community and, as such, rightly belongs to the community at large and not solely to the landholder.Second, has argued that basic income at the highest sustainable level is needed to support , or the freedom to do whatever one "might want to do." By th

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