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The most-articulate spokesmen for that position are the Islamic State’s



Obviously we would need to be proactive about allowing innocents to leave the Caliphate. And by innocents, I mean women and small kids. The men of fighting age probably have to stay, so they can kill whatever is left of ISIS when the time comes.The leaders of ISIS will have a hard time convincing the locals that the countries giving them free farming supplies are the

In late 2004, AMZ brought his group under the loose control of Osama bin Laden; the group officially pledged allegiance to the al-Qaeda network in a letter in October 2004. The new Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn, or al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), provided al-Qaeda with a ready-made base from which to strike the United States and AMZ with prestige. He was now part of a brand name that drew recruits and financial and logistical support. Quoted in "ISIS' Rise Pushes Iraq to Brink," , June 25, 2014, .

A few days later, al-Maysara commemorated another attack, time in Mosul, in which a pair of bombers descended upon a U.S. convoy. His statement read:

Canadian resident Mr Malekpour was arrested while visiting his father in Iran during October 2008. He was held in solitary confinement in Tehran’s Evin Prison for a year without charge, according to.

For three years, as under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs, I would not and could not utter that phrase. No one in the Obama administration could or did. We used the much less specific term “violent extremism.” As in “countering violent extremism,” which is what we called much of our anti-Islamic State efforts.Every get thought-provoking commentary from Op-Ed columnists, the Times editorial board and contributing writers from around the world.

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