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Season 10 winner Kristen Kish publishes her first cookbook this fall, and it’s highly personal: The book’s introduction serves as a mini autobiography, detailing Kish’s childhood (born in South Korea, she was adopted by a family from Michigan at four months old), her path to culinary school that eventually led to being mentored by badass Boston chef Barbara Lynch, and the stint that would secure her fame. Sign up for our newsletter.

This isn’t strictly a book of recipes for sweets served at Ottolenghi’s shops. There is some of that — regulars will note the Victoria sponge and take-home chocolate cake — but it’s mostly a book of desserts that have been, for lack of a better term, Ottolenghi-fied: dressed down, with perfect bedhead, and an edge — the Charlotte Gainsbourg of pastries.

Directly inspired by Prof. Steve Mann of Toronto University and Dr. Doug Baldwin of the Institute for Innovative Blind Navigation, Daniel believes that artificial vision systems are on the immediate horizon. Daniel is working with several noted blindness organizations to lay the ground work for global cooperation among top scientists, perception experts, blind consumer groups, and funders toward the development of a focused consortium to design and apply person centered technologies and strategies aimed at

Later, I ask Kish what he would sighted people to offer him. “Very little,” he says. “I don’t mind if people tell me things — I can choose to listen or not. issue more is when people become jumpy and nervous. That becomes bothersome.”

Neuroplasticity is awesome. There has also been a lot of work done on sound scapes and use of vibration for ‘visual’ sensing e.g.: BrainGate.To Kish himself, the results weren’t surprising but he says, “I am enthusiastically hopeful that they will point the way toward a and more realistic and accurate understanding of sensory processing and imaging, with a more respectful perspective on non-visual processing.”

Daniel and his associates have designed the first portable device enhance Flash Sonar for day to day use. Its development was generously supported by Alcon Labs Inc,. NEC Foundation, and Maestro Productions.

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