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Directly inspired by Prof. Steve Mann of Toronto University and



When asked about policies regarding eyewear and recording devices, McDonald’s noted: “With respect to recording by customers, each restaurant or market has discretion to determine an appropriate policy.”

"It's the mainstreaming of this kind of device," she said. "I really think we're on the cusp of a big change with things like Google Glass."Why governments miscalculate your risk of flooding

“I think there are real dangers there,” Mr. Thierer said. “Because at some point the question becomes who has access to that data, what is that data correlated with and what decisions will be made based on that data.”

It’s astounding to me that Google and other companies seeking to market head-wearable computers with cameras and displays haven’t leapfrogged over my best design (something I call “ Generation-4 Glass”) to produce models that are even better. Perhaps it’s because no one else working on this sort of thing has spent years walking around with one eye that’s a camera. Or maybe this is just another example of not-invented-here syndrome.

From his lab, Mr. Mann is quick to point out that wearables don’t have to be Internet-dependent. He thinks “Internet” is simply too limiting a word, and that wearables eventually will be able to run on a broad range of networks, not just today’s dominant one.The subject who truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures.

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