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Later, I ask Kish what he would sighted people to



After chilling in the chalet for a few hours we decided to head down to the once again, mostly because we wanted doughnuts, did I mention we were on holiday? 😉

--his godmother just shoots out and grabs him back. And kind of noticeably flinched.The example I'm about to give is an example that took place about 10 years ago.

Since my wife, between the two of us, is the nicer one, I was curious. So I listened to . The episode was entitled and it was about how expectations can really impact what people do. That isn’t that surprising. What is surprising is how much. If you don’t want a spoiler, pop over and listen to the podcast now.But I certainly have to admit that this little episode has challenged my notion of precisely what a “no brainer” innovation might be.

Matt Murdock, the lawyer-cum-masked vigilante of Marvel’s gritty new Netflix series, suffers from an unusual problem for a superhero: As a result of an unfortunate childhood encounter with some unnamed chemicals, he can’t see a damn thing. There’s an upside, though: Murdock soon discovers that his remaining senses had been heightened to superhuman levels. For example, his “radar sense” allows him to navigate the darkened rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen despite a nonfunctioning

The second wine we tried the Chateau Trebiac Rouge 2012-. This was an earthy flavour but was a light red colour. You can purchase a bottle for £13.80

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