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The three new technologies of myocardial parameter mapping, CMR-PET,



Recent studies demonstrated that the presence of stenosis on coronary computed tomography angiography has a significant prognostic impact on the prediction of cardiac events. However, the prognostic value of whole-heart CMRA is unknown.

In the present study, T1 mapping of remote myocardium was performed 4–6 days and 3 months after AMI. During this period, a slight but significant decrease in remote native T1 was Our findings are consistent with a recent study by Bulluck et al. who have described a reduction in native T1 values of remote myocardium 5 months after STEMI []. As native T1 relaxation times are strongly determined by the proportion of water content, the observed T1 decrease most likely reflects a decrease in myocardial edema,

A 12-lead ECG was acquired before reperfusion and 1 hour afterwards. Absence of ST-segment resolution (STR) was defined as

There may be segments classified as viable before revascularization for which metabolism and function fail to improve after revascularization. The integration of PET with structural and functional MR imaging markers such as diastolic wall thickness, contractile response on dobutamine stimulation, or nontransmurality of LGE with a preserved rim of epicardial myocardium and preserved perfusion all might help to improve the viability-based prediction of dysfunctional segments after revascularization. This poss

The mean absolute difference between intra-observer measurements of stress MBF was similar in systole and diastole (0.33 ± 0.14 vs. 0.35 ± 0.16; p = 0.18); and the corresponding CoVs were 16% and 17% respectively. The mean absolute difference between inter-observer measurements of stress MBF was also similar in systole and diastole (0.41 ± 0.22 vs. 0.45 ± 0.20; p = 0.11) with corresponding CoVs of 18% for both.By continuing to use this website, you agree to our , and policy.

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