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The three new technologies of myocardial parameter mapping, CMR-PET, and



Stress echocardiography (Echo),stress single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT),positron emission tomography (PET),stress cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR),cardiac computed tomography (CTCA),stress computed tomography(CTP) and computed tomography fractional flow reserve (FFRCT) have been proposed as gatekeeper to invasive coronary angiography (ICA).We sought to determine the diagnostic accuracy of all these non-invasive tests as compared to invasive FFR(FFRi) for the detection of haemodynamically si

Another important aspect of economic considerations is that advances in CT scanners have historically been driven by hardware changes. Thus, new generations of CT technology regularly generate the need for expensive acquisitions of PET/CT scanners. In contrast, advances in MR imaging are often accomplished by the generation of new sequences and external coils, making the upgrading of existing hardware more affordable. However, hybrid imaging devices increase the demands on personnel, both for operating the

Overall, CMR had a significant clinical impact on 68% of the patients. This included a completely new diagnosis in 27% of the patients, change in management in 31% and a total of 10% of patients had both a new diagnosis and a change in management. CMR results led to invasive procedures on 27%, avoided invasive procedures on 16%, and had an influence on hospital discharge on 15% of the patients. 84% of the patients had echocardiography prior to CMR. CMR confirmed the echo diagnosis in 11%, complemented the e

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