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For each of the major senses, there is an area called the primary sensory cortex. These represented with dark blue in the diagrams and include somatosensory, visual, auditory, vestibular, taste, smell, visceral sensations. Something that isn’t shown is the which is located in the , just below the temporal and frontal lobes.In 90-95% of the population this is the way it goes:

It’s been accepted as a useful therapy for anxiety and depression for around a decade, and mindfulness websites like are attracting millions of subscribers. It’s being explored by schools, pro sports teams and military units to enhance performance, and is showing promise as way of helping sufferers of , and , too. There is even some evidence that mindfulness can help with the symptoms of certain physical conditions, such as , and .Lots of activities can boost the size of various parts of the pre-fron

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“If you give cocaine to an addict, you are affecting their brain’s reward system, but this is not what drives the person to keep using cocaine,” Dr. Paulus said. The craving is what gets people to use.The frontal insula is where people sense love and hate, gratitude and resentment, self-confidence and embarrassment, trust and distrust, empathy and contempt, approval and disdain, pride and humiliation, truthfulness and deception, atonement and guilt.

This may sound pedantic but it is very important.Check that the film bears the patient's name. However, as names can be shared, check other features such as date of birth or hospital number too. The label may also tell of unusual but important features such as anteroposterior (AP) projection or supine position.

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