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Another important aspect of economic considerations is that



Many times the economic development goals of specific countries cannot be reached because they lack the State’s capabilities to do so. For example, if a nation has little capacity to carry out basic functions like security and policing or core service delivery it is unlikely that a program that wants to foster a free-trade zone (special economic zones) or distribute vaccinations to vulnerable populations can accomplish their goals. This has been something overlooked by multiple international organizations

So far, we have two questions of ethics that bear directly on economics: (1) What is the standard of good? and (2) How does one establish that something is good?

Dependency theorists argue that poor countries have sometimes experienced with little or no development initiatives; for instance, in cases where they have functioned mainly as resource-providers to wealthy industrialized countries. There is an opposing argument, however, that growth causes development because some of the increase in income gets spent on human development such as education and health.It has also been argued, notably by Asian and European proponents of , that systematic, government investm

Many event organisers also wish to capture the . This step is designed to make adjustments to the Direct Economic Impact to capture the subsequent ‘secondary impacts’ of additional spending within the host economy. Effective calculation of the Total Economic Impact requires previous studies to have been carried out which analyse detailed interactions and interdependencies within the host economy itself. (these cover a variety of events and may be helpful when using the economic calculator)

The direct economic impact of the World Rowing Championships 2006 was £3,268,703, of which 82% was visitor spend. ... The Economic Impact Calculator has been provided to allow event organisers and funders to get a broad feel for the scale of economic impact that an event might achieve

The contribution of fuel to the overall cost of the electricity produced is relatively small, so even a large fuel price escalation will have relatively little (see below). Uranium is abundant and widely available.A Finnish study in 2000 also quantified fuel price sensitivity to electricity costs:

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