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Much sociological theory is directed at understanding social change. Social



Sociological perspectives on social change fall into the functionalist and conflict approaches. As usual, both views together offer a more complete understanding of social change than either view by itself (Vago, 2004). summarizes their major assumptions.

Prerequisite: SOC 220 or its equivalent is recommended.

(2007): Principal Investigator for 3 year, $1,611,416 project for prediction of cultural change and its effect on group conflict and cooperation. Also included development of social theory-informed web crawler for for discovery and analysis of virtual communities relating cultural solidary groups. See for more info.

Prerequisites: SOC 100 or SOC 142. Examines the impact of the aging population upon society and the effects of the socially defined experience of aging upon the individual. Analysis of the relationship between age and such variables as gender, race/ethnicity, class, marital and health status.

Prerequisite: SOC 100. Social thought and historical forces leading to the emergence of sociology and an exploration of classical theories into the 1930s including such thinkers as Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Mead and Merton.

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