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We tested our objectives during incremental exercise in trained human subjects using an integrated approach, combining contemporary tracer methodology (in order to quantify the components of whole-body substrate utilisation) and muscle biopsy sampling (in order to quantify muscle intermediary metabolism). The information gained from this study is important to our understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the integration of and fat oxidation during exercise, and to our understanding of the metabolic de

While the principal emission from powered aircraft in flight is CO, other emissions may include (together termed or NO), and (soot and sulfate particles), sulfur oxides, (which bonds with to become CO immediately upon release), incompletely burned , (piston aircraft only), and radicals such as , depending on the type of aircraft in use. Emissions weighting factor (EWFs) i.e., the factor by which aviation CO emissions should be multiplied to get the CO-equivalent emissions for annual fleet average c

As our colleague Philip Bump , about 0.15 percent of Clinton’s campaign and outside PAC money is from the “oil and gas industry,” compared to 0.04 percent of Sanders’s contributions. So it’s pretty hard to describe that as “significant,” as Sanders did in his interview.Still, in the 2008 campaign Clinton did not hesitate to claim that Obama had or in response to campaign contributions, despite also a lack of evidence.

and were measured on an electronically braked cycle ergometer (Lode Excalibur; Groningen, The Netherlands) during an incremental exhaustive exercise test () 1 week before the first experimental trial.where TTR is the breath C/C ratio at a given time point, is the volume of 1 mol of CO (22.4 mol), and Ar is the fractional C label recovery in breath CO after the infusion of labelled acetate, calculated as:

With most international conferences having hundreds if not thousands participants, and the bulk of these usually traveling by plane, conference travel is an area where significant reductions in air-travel-related GHG emissions could be made. ... This does not mean non-attendance. (Reay 2004)although another critic called it "a timid step in the right direction."

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