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A plot of ln|U() – U ()| vs. t should generate a straight line with a slope of . shows that this relationship is followed to R > 0.99 over a wide time interval. Diffusivity and ionic conductivity data derived from the DC are compared in with the AC data, where it is seen that the two are in good agreement. (a) Impedance spectra of as-sintered fully lithiated NMC (LiNiMnCoO) at two different temperatures measured using the symmetrical cell configuration Ag/NMC/Ag, (b) equivalent circuit used to evaluate

Data from all households were collected for the purposes of the current study and for validating the loggers’ accuracy at detecting genuine soap use and discriminating HWWS from bathing. Outcomes related to this validation were reported in Zillmer et al. []).

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) certifies health information technology (IT) and eCQM capabilities. Read more at .The one-stop shop for the most current resources to support lectronic linical uality mprovement.

Assessing depression severity at the time of diagnosis is important for determining prognosis and treatment. Increased severity is associated with higher health care service utilization, worse outcomes, and less likelihood of remission. Patients with severe depression also may take longer to respond to treatment. Perhaps most importantly, baseline assessment of severity provides a starting point for evaluating the effectiveness of treatment, making adjustments to treatment, and recognizing patients who have

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