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This will default the reporter to , require the library,



The port number that the Reporter application server uses for communication. By default, the application server uses port 4712.

Elapsed times for it events are measured internally in nanoseconds, using Java’s high-precision method. Its precision and accuracy vary depending on operating system and hardware.A histogram with a sliding time window reservoir produces quantiles which are strictly representative of the past seconds (or other time period).

Note: the easiest way to use a preset is with the option described below.

Note: the easiest way to use a is with the option described below.You can enable all rules after disabling a specific rule, and that rule becomes re-enabled as well.

To test, I turned on the SharePoint report versioning functionality in the library and after generating the report a couple times in MR, I am able to access the option in SharePoint to view different versions of the report. However, even though I can see what appear to be different versions of the report, the actual reports that pull up are the same?All about financial reporting and consolidations for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs

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