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The engine test program incorporated more than 20 dedicated test engines between the two engine manufacturers. Beyond testing for basic engine certification, each engine completed 3,000 cycles of ETOPS flight testing. The engine test program was started far in advance of the Boeing flight test program. Multiple flying test beds identified necessary modifications prior to the Boeing flight test program. A two-year, six-airplane 787 flight test program led to type certification in August 2011 and entry i

Source: EPRI, NRDC, Environmental Assessment of a Full Electric Transportation 2015.

Hypertemporal imaging uses fast-framed image data (typically hundreds or thousands of frames per second), together with time-domain analysis, to extract dim fluctuating signals, especially against bright backgrounds. Principal component analysis is commonly used as a means of dimensional reduction, transforming observations correlated subsets called principal components, which are linearly uncorrelated to each other. Here PCA can reveal spatial patterns of temporal correlation.Strategic Environmental Resear

Eventually, Clarke believes their innovations will trickle into commercial aviation. First into smaller aircraft, but someday your dream vacation to Borneo could be borne upon lanky, silent wings that were born in a dry lake in California.The Top-Secret Aircraft That Roamed the Skies Over Area 51

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