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Getting old is difficult for everybody, but it’s even harder in



According to one , 43% of millennials say craft beer tastes better than mainstream beers, only 32% of baby boomers said the same. And 50% of millennials have consumed craft brew, versus 35% of the overall population. Even Pete Coors, CEO of guess-which-brand, for his beer's declining sales.It's hard to spend money on children if you don't have any.

This is a very recognizable situation. We were in your case 1,5 years ago. And indeed, It feels more like 1+1 = 2.Just got turned onto site from Jeff Rose.

After a gruelling shift at work, I was unwinding online when I saw a question from someone on a forum I frequented: Why do poor people do things that seem so self-destructive? I thought I could at least explain what I’d seen and how I’d reacted to the pressures of being poor. I wrote , hit post, and didn’t think more about it for at least a few days. This is what it said:I resent the fuck out of it every time my schedule’s been cut and then I’ve been called in for tons of extra hours, as though my

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