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When Wahl was asked by Morgan if



Just heard from Hope Solo. Here's what she had to say.

Each time a neighbor died, Mary-Clare it upon herself to call all of the neighbors and take up a collection. She used the collected funds to purchase a plant for the grieving family.

"She always talked up whatever we were doing," Mary-Clare's daughter, Rosemary Markoff, said. "She had make it sound as grandiose as it could possibly be."

"' ... and see over there above the golf course, just above the pines? That’s the Big W. That’s for us,'" Alan remembers his mother saying.

He considers Hillary Clinton to be the favourite, “unless something bad happens. The Republican challenger that’s emerging is [Marco] Rubio.” He doesn’t believe his friend Donald Trump, for all his attention and good poll results, will become president but will burn out. “I like Donald a lot, but I don’t agree with a lot of what he says. He’s always been very kind to me. The night before my surgery, he took my out to dinner.”

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