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Anthony Hopkins stars as a retired psychic



Anthony Hopkins really is a prime example of that rare breed of actor whose magnetic presence can lift a film a few notches. With Colin Farrell also on board, the film boasts a strong cast that makes you wonder why the film bypassed cinemas here.

At the high point of the action, Clancy and Charles chase one another throughout the film’s unidentified city, mysteriously sharing visions of the potentially tragic endings that may occur to Cowles. In clichéd fashion, the two men ultimately find themselves facing off in a moving train, where Charles delivers a speech about the necessity of killing people inflicted with fatal ailments before they’re even diagnosed. After leaving Clancy with the near-impossible decision to either join in his outl

But let’s not dwell solely on the negative here! I like watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan do his well-worn tough guy act, I can’t help but appreciate Anthony Hopkins (even when he’s sleepwalking), and Colin Farrell is usually at his best when he’s tasked with playing a villain. Maybe they can make this fun? Maybe the movie is better than the trailer looks? If this movie can function as a passable B-movie mystery, it may enough.Ponder that question as you watch the new trailer.

The culprit, they all gradually twig, is only interested in killing those who have terminal diseases – whether they know it or not – and the m.o. is mercy itself: a quick poke through back of the neck into the medulla oblongata, painless and instant. He clearly sees himself as a one-man Dignitas, who creeps up on you unawares and doesn’t even charge. Solace – aha! – that’s what he’s peddling.We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism.

The spectre of Lecter is not kept at bay, even if Hopkins is more quack-for-hire than pet psychopath on this occasion. Lead agent Jeffrey Dean Morgan has more faith in his gifts than criminal psychologist Abbie Cornish, whom the script foists on Clancy as a kind of sceptical sidekick, Scully to his sixth-sense-endowed Mulder.Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell star in a pretentious and overwrought serial-killer thriller

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