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Fewer than a dozen countries produce two



There are regional patterns with regard to child food insecurity: the most food-insecure states are consistently located in the South and the West. Indeed, the exception of Ohio, all of the states with child food insecurity rates above 25 percent are located in these two regions.

Most of the estimated premature deaths attributed to smoke exposure by the authors’ models would have resulted from relatively small increases in PM—increments of less than 2 µg/m. Henderson would like to have seen more discussion about the implications of that low number. “We haven’t really designed studies to test whether that small change in daily air quality does have a mortality impact,” she says. “We certainly don’t have the evidence to s

In the 1960s a public health approach to the problem emerged in the United States and other motorised countries. Under this new approach, the available prevention options greatly expanded, and the effectiveness of countermeasures was scientifically evaluated before widespread adoption. This emphasis on evaluation was important because the earlier efforts continued decades without evaluation, and when some of these programmes were eventually evaluated there was no evidence of effectiveness. The NCBI web sit

— Move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.—Announce his intention to renegotiate or withdraw from the North American Free Agreement.

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