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In another example, an energy company identified three



I didn’t know that there are so many different ways to use solar energy. I think it is very smart to use solar energy to light street lights. Would the lights store the energy and then use it during the night?WE CAN USE SOLAR PANELS TO CONSERVE ANYTHING

Sources: Stefan Rahmstorf/Global Carbon Project;

Reducing energy demand is contrary to what both energy suppliers and governments have been doing during most of the modern industrial history. Whereas real prices of various energy forms have been decreasing during most of the industrial era, due to and technology, the expectation for the future is the opposite. Previously, it was not unreasonable to promote energy use as more copious and cheaper energy sources could be anticipated in the future or the supplier had installed excess capacity that would be m

For example, E&P companies need resource and production profiles for each basin within their footprint, so they can identify the portfolio of assets that provide the greatest robustness, range of options and intrinsic value. For refiners, petrochemical companies and utilities, regional availability and price differentials of competing fuels and feedstock will impact the competitiveness of various assets and the next wave of major capital projects. For LNG companies, both suppliers and buyers look to exploit

Similarly, look out for companies that manufacture an important product that breaks down with a certain level of frequency and needs to be replaced. A maker of engine seals and gaskets will tend to have relatively stable revenue streams even in bad times. Good seals and gaskets ensure that a car engine performs smoothly, but must periodically be replaced. Printer cartridges are another classic case of an insulated business model. ( ".")

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