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Identify which course objectives the exam addresses (e.g., “This



By studying the aggregate scores for each item, Emert and Parish and their colleagues discovered that students missed most items because they lacked the conceptual understanding to address the problem appropriately (as opposed to making careless errors). By inspecting the items missed by large numbers of students, faculty discovered which concepts needed to be addressed through again, perhaps in alternative ways. Understanding such misconceptions by students can provide instructors with valuable insights in

At the end of the Item Analysis report, test items are listed according their degrees of difficulty (easy, medium, hard) and discrimination (good, fair, poor). These distributions provide a quick overview of the test, and can be used to identify items which are not performing well and which can perhaps be improved or discarded.Two statistics are provided to evaluate the of the test as a whole.

For more detail on the course topics covered in U.S. Government Politics, see the Course and Exam Description.If you did, it can help you find the courses that are the best fit for you.

consists of providing evidence that two tests that are believed to measure closely related skills or types of knowledge correlate strongly. That is to say, the two different tests end up ranking students similarly., by the same logic, consists of providing evidence that tests that do not measure closely related skills or types of knowledge do not correlate strongly (i.e., dissimilar ranking of students).

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