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The album was originally going to be titled . 's cover concept refrained from including a picture of the group and instead was dayglo red and yellow in colour with cutout lettering and a finish resembling crude screen-prints. The album's title changed in mid-1977, based on a phrase supplied by Steve Jones. Jones said he picked up the phrase "Never mind the bollocks" from two fans who would always say it to one another. Johnny Rotten explained its meaning as a working-class expression to "stop talking rubbis

Going out on a limb here and guessing that enough voters can't find a suitable replacement to drop the Gators from their ballot entirely. If Florida's not at No. 24 or No. 25, they'll certainly be one of the top teams in the "others receiving votes" Michigan is a great team and Florida -- even with all its issues -- was talented and strong enough to be in the game for a long time before things got out of hand near the end.Images by Getty Images and US Presswire

changed everything. There had never been anything like it before and really there's never been anything quite like it since. The closest was probably , a band very heavily influenced by the Sex Pistols.In 2006, Artichoke released a track-by-track cover version of the album, performing acoustic versions of all songs.

In the previous report from Pew, Instagram was one of few social networks without its main demographic having some college experience. However, data collected from 2016 shows those trends have dramatically changed.Messaging apps gender demographics show that men are bigger users than women.

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